Before buying an expensive instrument, we want to ensure that we get the best deal. With so many guitar brands in the market offering products in different price ranges, we imagine it can be a bit overwhelming to find the perfect guitar that matches your needs and budget.

But if you’re someone who doesn’t mind a higher price tag that comes with a guitar with excellent quality and durability, the Suhr Guitars are a perfect choice whether you’re a professional or beginner musician.

Suhr Guitars are hand-crafted electric guitars and basses made with every step of your musical journey in mind. They’re hand built only to offer exceptional performance and unique sonic character, blending classic shapes with modern thinking and a highly practical mindset.

In this post, we’ll talk about all the reasons why a Suhr guitar will make the best out of your money’s worth, so make sure to keep reading!

Suhr Guitars and Its History

Suhr guitars are some of the finest instruments available today, boasting over 35 years of guitar innovation, production and expertise.

John Suhr started his career in guitar building in the 1970s, working as a repairman at Rudy’s Guitar Shop in New York. After establishing himself as a skilled builder, he set out to design a tube amplifier that would suit his musical vision and soon after formed a company with Steve Smith in 1997.

The company quickly became one of the leading manufacturers of custom guitars and is now renowned for its traditional-looking designs and its dedication to quality and craftsmanship. They build guitars which have been used by countless superstars and are known for their perfect tone, making them the go-to choice for any serious musician.

Suhr Guitars: For Beginners or Professionals?

Suhr’s guitars and amps are designed to play and be accessible to players at any level, from beginners just getting started to seasoned professionals. With a wide range of styles and features available, you can find something that suits your style.

What Makes Suhr Guitars So Expensive?

Suhr guitars are expensive because they’re built to a very high standard and with very high tolerances. They are handcrafted, custom-built instruments, made with premium materials and special attention to detail.

Their instruments also undergo a strict quality control procedure during the manufacturing process to ensure the quality of even the smallest details of the parts of the instrument. Additionally, Suhr offers a wide range of custom options to get the exact guitar you want. All of these add up to make Suhr guitars have a higher price tag than mass-produced guitars from other companies.

Manufactures in a US-Based Location

Suhr Guitar is an American company that manufactures electric guitars and basses, guitar amplifiers, and effect units exclusively in the United States. Suhr has a factory located in California, USA and they have been producing guitars since 1997. Suhr is able to maintain a level of quality control that’s simply not possible with overseas manufacturing.

Guitars are Made With High-Quality Materials

Suhr guitars are renowned for their superior build quality, attention to detail, and use of top-of-the-line materials. Everything from wood to electronics is of the highest quality.

You can expect basswood bodies, plain maple tops, maple necks with pau ferro fingerboards, and the finest-quality electric components praised by pro guitarists. All of these components come together to create a highly-performing work of art.

Unique Boutique Manufacturing System

Suhr guitars are unique due to their boutique manufacturing system which combines premium materials, USA-based manufacturing, exceptional boutique concept, expensive PLEK technology and high demand to create a unique place in the market for themselves.

Their guitars feature custom appointments such as compound radius fingerboard, stainless steel frets, Suhr locking tuners and pickups. Additionally, they are handcrafted to a meticulously high level by a team of experienced luthiers and guitar technicians.

The Use of High-Priced PLEK Technology

Suhr makes guitars using revolutionary Plek technology to ensure their highest quality. This technology scans the guitar’s neck while it’s strung up and tuned to pitch, recording the exact state of the strings and fingerboard. Plek will then scan the fingerboard and frets, evaluating string heights, positions and consistencies across the entire neck.

This provides a PLEK fret dress on every guitar they produce, ensuring excellent string action. Made in Germany, this technology ensures high-end guitar technology for all Suhr customers.

Customer Service and Free After-Sales Service

Suhr Guitar Company provides excellent customer service with free customer support for all their guitars. They’re committed to meeting customers’ needs and providing an incomparable shopping experience.

Suhr also provides a lifetime warranty for all their guitars. This warranty covers any damage caused by accident, misuse, abuse, neglect, or unauthorized or improperly performed repairs.

Are Suhr Guitars Really Worth the Price?

Suhr guitars are top-quality instruments from one of the world’s best luthiers. They’re extremely hand-crafted, high-quality guitars with excellent feel and sound. So, if you’re looking for a professional-grade instrument that’s versatile and flawlessly constructed, then Suhr guitars are surely worth the high price tag.

Our Top Picks of Suhr Guitar

John Suhr Signature Spec Standard

This is an excellent choice for musicians looking for a top-quality guitar that will last. It has a satin neck and nickel frets instead of stainless steel frets, making it ideal for being played by both beginners and experienced players. The quality of craftsmanship and materials used in the construction of this guitar make it stand out among its counterparts.

Suhr John Suhr Signature Spec Standard Trans Red


Perfect For: Guitarists of all playing levels


The body and neck are made from Korina for an amazing appearance and tonal range

Have versatile electronics for many tonal sound options, allowing you to customize it to play almost anything

With Locking bridge saddles combined with locking tuners for superior tuning stability


This guitar is built to look as good as it sounds

Includes hard case


Higher price range than other guitars

The TedScore: 8.9/10


Suhr Reb Beach Standard Signature

This guitar is designed in collaboration between Reb Beach of Whitesnake and John Suhr Guitars. This signature model features an all-solid Koa body and Pau Ferro neck, as well as a Floyd Rose tremolo system and stainless steel frets. The guitar produces a rich, complex tone with wonderful harmonics that jump off the instrument when strummed.

Suhr Reb Beach Standard Signature


Perfect For: Advanced and pro guitar players


With an elegant wood selection of Hawaiian Koa with stunning grain patterns

Combined with a set of EMG pickups and a Floyd Rose tremolo setup to handle big riffs


Produces iconic strat sound with no hums

Made with exceptional Suhr quality


More expensive than other counterparts

The TedScore: 8.5/10


Suhr Dealer Select Classic T

The Suhr Dealer Select Classic T is a custom-made electric guitar which features a 60’s C vintage standard neck, Wilkinson compensated 3-saddle bridge and has been designed in collaboration with jazz and blues guitarist Scott Henderson. It also comes equipped with the lethal Thornbucker/ML pickup combination, providing a spanky, powerful, and smooth tone all at once. With its unique design and superior craftsmanship, this instrument will inspire and delight any guitar player.

Suhr Dealer Select Classic T Black


Perfect For: Modern guitarist players


Built with Asato pickups that suit modern styles while still retaining the signature T twang

Features the SSCII System to reduce hum and background noise


Has an all-in-one subtle yet extravagant look

Designed to be touch-responsive for dynamic players



The TedScore: 8.9/10


Suhr Classic S 3

This is a custom-made guitar based on classic models from the 50s and 60s. It features a 60’s C vintage standard neck profile, with Indian rosewood or maple fingerboard and V60LP single coils. Benefitting from 3 V60LP Standard single coil pickups, this guitar provides iconic classic Fender Stratocaster tones with all the benefits of a custom-made instrument. It’s also versatile, lightweight, and made in collaboration with jazz and blues guitarist Scott Henderson for an updated take on the Classic S series.

Suhr Classic S 3 Tone Sunburst HSS


Perfect For: All modern guitar players


Built with locking tuners, hum-less single coil pickups, and an incredibly stable Gotoh 510 Tremolo System

The H-S-S configuration provides an incredibly versatile range of tones


Provides a classic look with a modern edge

Includes hard case upon purchase


Higher price range guitar

The TedScore: 9/10


Suhr Classic Antique S

The Suhr Classic Antique S guitar features a classic design with solid body construction and two humbucker pickups. This also has a vintage-style vibrato system and can be used for many different styles of music. It’s known for its great tone and comfortable playability, making it an ideal choice for both beginners and experienced players alike.

Suhr Classic Antique S


Perfect For: Guitarists of all playing levels


Designed with an SSCII Hum-Cancelling System for hum noise reduction

A combination of Suhr’s own SSV Bridge humbucker and V63 Middle and Neck single coils for vintage tones with a modern twist


Offers classic looks with classic sounds

Made of top-drawer components and built with quality


Pricier than other guitar brands

The TedScore: 8.5/10


Summary – Why Are Suhr Guitars So Expensive

Getting your own Suhr guitar can be one of the best investment decisions you’ll ever make, even if it comes with a hefty price tag.

With their known superior build quality and attention to detail, their guitars are more playable than the typical models. They use premium materials, the latest technology machines, and a computerized system called the Plek System to ensure each fret is within a microscopic tolerance. Moreover, many guitar players feel that the price-to-performance ratio of this brand is worth it.

If you’ve decided to give this world-class brand a try, you’re on the right track! And with Suhr’s boutique custom shop concept, get ready for an incredible guitar shopping experience!


Is Suhr owned by Fender?

No, Suhr is a standalone company and is not owned or operated by Fender. It’s an independent guitar and amplifier company founded in 1997 and has become a leader in the guitar industry, focusing on high-end instruments and amplifiers.

Are Suhr guitars handmade?

Yes, Suhr guitars are partly handmade. They put a very high level of attention to every detail, making the manufacturing process longer, but resulting in a fantastic product that needs no upgrades and takes your playing to the next level.

Why are suhr guitars so expensive?

Read this article – the guitars are handmade and are world-class designed. Need I say more?!

Are all Suhr guitars Plek’d?

Yes! All Suhr guitars are made with the most advanced technologies available, including the PLEK system. This ensures that the necks of all three models have the same neck carve and frets, and the best possible string action.

What’s the difference between cheap guitars and expensive ones?

Generally speaking, expensive guitars are made with higher-quality parts, better construction and more skilled craftsmanship. Cheap guitars are usually mass-produced in factories and may not offer the same level of quality.

Who Plays Suhr Guitars?

Many famous rock, and renowned guitarists play Suhr Guitars, such as Reb Beach, Scott Henderson, Mark Knopfler, Mike Landau, Dave Kilminster and Roger Waters.

How Expensive Are Suhr Compared to Fender Guitars?

Suhr guitars are more expensive than Fender guitars due to their reputation for superior craftsmanship value, build quality and playability. They’re built with a higher production value and standard than mass-produced guitars, which also factor in higher prices.

Suhr vs Fender Tonewoods Used

While people might argue that the Tonewood that was used to build the Guitar bears just as much importance to tone as the choice for using cloths or leather straps for playing the guitar. Guitar expert’s have long debated what tonewoods are appropriate for the different styles. A Suhr guitar is made using several different tonewoods if you want to look at what guitars you need. In fact Suhr’s best-known guitar Classic S was made with alder. The most popular tonewood ever since Fender used alder was introduced in 1957. The Stratocaster uses these because it can produce a full-body sound that is preferred by Blues and rock music fans mainly.

Why Are Suhr Guitars So Expensive

Here are some thoughts on why Suhr Guitars’high prices and popularity and its popularity among music fans. Suhr’s high-quality boutique-style products in big-scale formats were seldom seen until the Internet came its way. The Suhr offers a wide variety of types and styles. But never assume that they look just like the classic guitars they make from different brands. All Suhr guitars are made with the finest quality with meticulous attention to detail. When we speak about production, we find it difficult to emphasize the differences between the presently available guitar industry and when we reference the classical Stratocaster, it seems like all is a dream.

Suhr is a small company producing only small quantities per year. Several months are needed for each guitar construction, and the luthiers carefully examine each part of the instrument to be the best of its quality. These attentions take a little time, so many Suhr models are available in 300-600 units only.

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